Zak wants to deal Dingle justice to Derek

It’s never good news when the police visit the Dingles at Wishing Well Cottage and this visit is no exception. The bad news is that the long arm of the law can’t reach dirty Derek; they haven’t got enough evidence to prosecute him and they’re closing the case. So, he’s got away with raping Lisa. She’s devastated, but determined to move forward. Zak can’t let it go, though. The law may not be able to punish Derek but he can – and he’s going to use a cricket bat to do it. Cowardly Derek tries to hide in his home from Zak, but there’s no door strong enough to keep Zak out…

It’s the morning after the night Jackson spent in Aaron’s bed and a loved-up Aaron happily feeds his boyfriend breakfast. But when Jackson gets home it’s clear to Hazel that Jackson’s not feeling the love.

Pollard, Val and Amy are feeling extremely nervous. It’s judgement day for Val and Pollard in front of the foster panel and Amy’s future depends on the panel’s verdict. But Val doesn’t do well with officials who want to poke around in her private life and, after the inquisition, she admits to Amy that she might have said more than she should have.

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