Zak’s bare-knuckle challenge

Zak has a surprise meeting with an old bare knuckle fighting rival of his, Mike O’Shea, after O’Shea crashes into Zak’s van. The pair trade insults and O’Shea challenges Zak to face him in a bare knuckle competition to settle the dispute but Zak is unsure.

Jamie is miserable that Louise has dumped him and he confides in Donna. Eli spots them having a cosy chat and he stirs up Marlon, hinting that they may be having an affair. Donna is forced to confess to Marlon that Jamie is seeing Louise and Viv overhears and confronts the secretive couple. Louise bluffs that it was just a fling, while an upset Jamie reveals that he was in love.

Viv plays the proud mum when Heath wins the Beautiful Baby contest, but Bob worries that Cathy could be mentally scarred by having her brother chosen over her! Jasmine comes round with the Courier photographer to cover the story and when Heath won’t stop crying, Viv poses with Cathy for the photo instead!

Also, Daz flirts with Penny when she comes to the garage with her dad.