Zak’s home – and he bins his medicine!

Daddy’s home and Belle’s the happiest girl in the world. Zak’s happy to see her, too, but he’s not comfortable when Charity drops in. He does try to make conversation, though and Lisa is pleased by his efforts. But she’s worried later when Zak doesn’t appreciate the effort she’s making. Zak bolts from Lisa and, alone outside, he throws his medication away. He thinks he doesn’t need it, but he really shouldn’t be thinking so much just yet…

Alicia’s been thinking and is worried about telling Jacob she could go to prison. But then Amelia does it for her! The little girl has heard Ali talking about it and just comes right out and tells Jacob that Alicia’s going to prison. Whoa! That’s not definite. But that’s not what Alicia tells Jacob – she tells him anything but the truth. Solicitors don’t mince their words, though, and Alicia’s tells her that Justin is likely to win a custody battle. Alicia’s devastated, but David decides it’s time for tough love and tells her she has to tell Jacob everything.

It’s a bad news day for Chas, too: Cameron’s going to Paris with Sarah and Debbie. So that will make it impossible for her to bonk him senseless.