Zak’s still lost on the moors, but he doesn’t think he’s alone. He’s chatting with his dead brother, Shadrach, and his dead son, Butch. Back in Emmerdale, Debbie’s having words with Cain. Why doesn’t he care about what happens to Zak? Well, because Cain was very nearly on the other side with Shadrach and Butch after Zak attacked him. But Debbie doesn’t know Zak is Cain’s attacker. And rather than tell her, Cain goes looking for his dad. When he finds him, though, Zak’s not in a good place – he’s teetering on the edge of a cliff!

Jimmy’s not in a good place. He’s struggling to forgive Nicola for losing Elliot – and she’s struggling to forgive herself. Time for one of Rodney’s father-daughter heart to (stony) hearts. He tells Nicola she should focus on being a force for good in Elliot’s life, not on how Kelly’s a force for bad on every life she touches.

Ashley, who should have been a force for good, is now seen as a bad man – especially by his daughter, Gabby. Still, Ashley wants what he wants and tells Laurel he needs to see the children.