Zak’s sister Hayley arrives in the village

Michaela learns it’s Zak’s birthday and when she finds a bag with a Liverpool shirt inside she can’t believe her luck, until a girl in a wheelchair claims it back. Michaela won’t let go of her find but the girl grabs the bag back and punches her! Zak is stunned when he later sees the same girl, as it’s his sister Hayley. Zak has some making up to do when Hayley is hurt that he has never mentioned her to his friends.

Russ pairs Anita up with Gaz in class and is oblivious as Gaz subtly continues with his racist taunts. Gov realises that Anita is upset and confronts Russ for not looking after his daughter. Russ has another word with Gaz, who claims he’s the sole carer for his ill dad. Russ talks Gov into giving Gaz another chance unaware that Gaz is in the process of torching Relish!

Leila organises lunch so that Justin can meet Ash and she asks Ash to make it a foursome and invite Hannah. Justin is sullen as Ash splashes the cash and acts the perfect gentleman. Justin and Ash argue over Gaz as they discuss the bully when Justin thinks they should give Gaz a chance. Leila is upset when Justin storms out.

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