Daniel and Zara take Joe to see Paediatric Consultant, Dr Westerby, who says they’ll need to wait outside while he examines Joe. Dr Westerby says that, in his opinion, Joe’s injuries are non-accidental and points out his years of experience when Zara suggests they get a second opinion. In the car, Zara thinks she has made things worse by antagonising social worker Fleur and now they’ll lose Joe. Daniel tells her it’s not her fault.

Back at home, Zara stops wallowing and decides she’s not going to let anyone take Joe away from them. Then Daniel says that, as he’s the ‘problem’ in all this, he could remove himself from the equation. If he wasn’t with Zara and Joe anymore she would get to keep him. Zara is horrified – if he leaves he’ll look guilty and get a record. Daniel says at least this way Joe will be with one of them – but Zara disagrees: they will stay together and fight this as a family!

Also, Howard attends his military training session and is surprised to discover that trainer ‘Phil’ is actually a female. And Rob and Emma investigate the suspicious death of a baby involving a young mother who insists she’s innocent.