Zara and Daniel attend the team-building course, but it’s clear that Zara has absolutely no interest in being there and refuses to co-operate with course leader Julian. During a trust exercise, the pair have an intimate moment and they are left baffled when Julian warns them he’s not one to be messed with.

After lunch, Zara and Daniel are put in charge of separate teams to create a concept for a new restaurant and they both become very competitive about winning, which annoys Julian. Zara pitches Carmichael’s – a place for only the best-looking people – and Daniel pitches his James Bond themed restaurant, Double Oh Heaven.

Afterwards at the bar, chemistry is building between Zara and Daniel – but when he leaves with one of the waitresses, Zara is horrified at being spurned for someone else.

Everyone gathers at The Icon for Simon’s birthday. When Will gets a call from his wife saying his son’s had an accident, Will lies about having another party to go to. But when Simon tries to go too, Will runs out, leaving Simon confused and embarrassed.

Also, Karen’s run out of cash, so Rob tells her to speak to Julia about her pay.

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