On the second day of the team building course, Daniel and Zara are soon put in their place by new tutor Miranda. She challenges them to see if they can work together by having to build a model plane. At the end of the course Miranda asks them to demonstrate trust by opening up about something personal to the group.

Certain that Zara won’t take it seriously, Miranda is shocked when she opens up about how being in prison has broken her dad and Daniel is so moved that he opens up about Izzie. Zara later tells Daniel that she’s had a call – her dad’s going to be released.

Annoyed about Will’s behaviour at the party, Simon calls him for an explanation but when all he gets is his answerphone, Simon decides to go to St Phil’s and track Will down for himself. Will is shocked to see him and, wary of being seen with Simon in front of his colleagues, claims he’s not ‘out’ at work.

Back at The Mill, Simon asks Heston for relationship advice and Heston says that unless he and Will have the same outlook on life, a relationship is impossible.

Also, a lunch date with an IT rep takes a surreal turn for Heston.

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