Zara and Daniel are visiting their agreed ‘neutral therapist’ David, who’s been briefed on their relationship history and current problems. Zara’s first in with David, who tries to gain an understanding of Zara’s emotional past, quizzing her on her definition of family and trying to get her to admit the weaknesses he suspects she felt in her own single-parent family. But Zara’s bitch-shield goes up and she has putdowns for everything David suggests.

In Daniel’s session, he’s grilled by David about his affair with Cherry and forced to admit his behaviour was purely self-destructive; a selfish way of dealing with his own depression. Later, in their joint session, David forces the doctors to re-examine their behaviour as the professionals they are; to treat the symptoms rather than the person. Daniel criticises himself, telling the imagined man to start preparing for a life without his family.

Zara is again sarcastic with herself, but when Daniel admits he’d counsel Zara to leave the man who had nearly harmed their child, she’s prompted to admit that such a man – Daniel – was clearly in an unhappy state. Zara still believes that post-natal depression in men is a myth but David forces her to concede that – whether it was about Joe or not – Daniel was depressed at the time of the shaking incident.

Zara agrees she needs to stop looking at her family as something that’s either perfect or nothing, but something to be improved. They agree to David’s next suggestion, to reconnect as people. Zara and Daniel agree to spend the next three weeks without any physical contact whatsoever.