Zara and Daniel are back on track, but when Zara tells Al that Joe is slightly behind in his development, Jimmi overhears and mocks a stunned Zara for always expecting perfection. Al finds Zara and tries to excuse Jimmi’s behaviour, but an outraged Zara warns Al to keep Jimmi away from her.

Brenda confides in Karen that she’s left her husband, George. But when George finds Brenda he tells her he’s been building a model boat for a race this afternoon and has booked them a luxury break for their anniversary. However, Brenda is furious to learn that George pawned his wedding ring to bet money on the boat race and storms off with George in pursuit.

Sid is with a difficult patient called Mr Glover and Heston agrees to observe their consultation. Mr Glover threatens to make a complaint when he spots what he thinks are offensive remarks in his patient notes, only for Sid to explain that the notes are medical shorthand. Afterwards, Heston praises Sid for the way he dealt with Mr Glover.