Zara and Emma are at war

When Zara notices a regular patient is booked in to see Emma, she tells Mrs Tembe to move the patient back to her own list, but Emma sees no reason to change it. When Zara sees the patient’s appointment hasn’t been changed she tells Mrs Tembe to see that it’s done and stalks off. That afternoon, there is a showdown between the two women with Emma finally suggesting Mrs Tembe ring the patient to ask her who she prefers, and Zara agrees. At the end of the day, a smug Zara asks Mrs Tembe to confirm that she won, but both women are horrified to discover the patient chose Jas as favourite GP!

Meanwhile, Mandy sees that Jas is upset when Zara teases her about whether her parents rigged the voting for the Patient’s Doc Award nomination and later finds an excuse to talk to her alone – is she OK? Later, as they attend a gym, Jas tells Mandy about the secret admirer and her accusation of Kevin. At the end of the day, when Jas hears she was chosen over Zara and Emma as a favourite GP, she leaves on a high – only to find a new note on her windscreen – ‘You look beautiful today in that silk blouse’ – she looks around but sees no one… her discomfort and fear growing.

Also, Howard gets an attack of the green-eyed monster, when he witnesses Emma and Heston laughing about their new roles as restaurant critics, and Karen helps an elderly carer struggling to accept a big change and an unusual and lively gift.