Zara wakes to find Daniel watching her – he wants to talk about last night. At lunch, Zara belittles Daniel’s attempts to have a serious discussion about their relationship, and Daniel leaves, angry, which Zara finds funny. Julia goes to Zara for advice about Rowly and Zara asks Julia if she’s considered he might be straight. Or suggests he might want companionship. Whatever it is, Julia has to speak to him!

Simon almost opens up to Heston about his depression, but Heston is interrupted by a call from Cherry about the soiree. Later, Heston grows impatient with Cherry and tells her that Ravi is an expert in whales so she should swot up. Unwittingly, Cherry manages to cheer Simon up – but now she’s the one who’s anxious!

Also, Simon unwittingly finds himself tangled up with a student with questionable morals.

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