Zara’s uncertainty about whether to move onto the next round of IVF is playing on her mind. Mrs Tembe is on Campus with Zara and is also struggling with a dilemma. Totally confused, Mrs Tembe takes a moment to hide in the sick bay. Zara, also out of sorts, decides to do the same and they collide.

Mrs Tembe explains about Cameron being left home alone yesterday. Zara can’t help asking why Mrs Tembe didn’t have children of her own and Mrs Tembe’s response warns Zara to back off! Later, the two meet in the staff room and Mrs Tembe starts to tell an African parable, making Zara wonder if Mrs Tembe has an idea about her and Daniel’s current plans.

Zara tells Mrs Tembe to proceed with caution with Cameron and just see how things go. She then phones up the fertility clinic and makes the arrangements for her remaining eggs to be defrosted.

Heston coerces Cherry into setting a date for the engagement party and they both get carried away making plans for it. When Cherry tells Jimmi, she can see he’s horrified but he convinces her he’s up for it.

Also, Barry enlists Julia’s help to free a trapped dog forcing her to take an unusual stand.

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