It’s the day of Reece’s funeral and Zara decides to go and pay her respects. However, dressed to the nines in an elegant black outfit and high heels, she sticks out like a sore thumb. Carlene makes a moving speech about Reece and pays tribute to the doctor who tried to save his life, when a boy in a hoodie leans over Zara’s shoulder and says he knows she’s the doctor. After the service, Zara makes her way to the car, but is followed by a group of youths. Is her life in danger?

Also, Al goes on a date with Sally, a woman he met via the dating website. When she arrives, she’s indecisive and nervous, so Al does his best to make her feel comfortable and the two start to bond over sci-fi movies. With the laughter and conversation flowing, has Al found himself a potential love interest?