Daniel can’t make it for lunch with Zara, so he tells her to take Emma to try and bond with her. Emma, however, thinks Zara’s surprise invitation is to probe her for more information about Howard. Over lunch, things are going well until Zara suggests they go shopping that afternoon to update Emma’s look as it’s a little ‘beige’ and Emma goes off in a huff!

Zara apologises and the pair hit the shops but can’t agree on any suitable styles for Emma. Eventually, Emma finds something she likes and heads to the changing room, where Zara tells her she looks stunning. Later, both agree that, strangely, they’ve enjoyed their girls’ day out!

Elsewhere, Heston wants to end things with Gloria – her constant talking is driving him mad! – but Kevin wants to finish with Sigourney and doesn’t think they can dump mother and daughter on the same day. Heston won’t budge and heads over to the salon where, sure enough, Gloria’s chatting away. Unable to take anymore, Heston tells her to shut up and says things aren’t working out. Gloria starts to cry but Heston sticks to his guns.

With her mum in bits, Sigourney later tells Kevin that the situation has got her thinking about their own relationship. Kevin’s hopeful this means she’ll want to end things because of their problems in the bedroom but, instead, Sigourney tells Kevin that sex doesn’t need to be at the centre of their relationship – what they have is special. As she heads off to check on her mum, Kevin’s left totally confused!

Also, Al suspects a heart condition when a two-timing patient dies suddenly but Karen has another theory.