Zara buckles under the strain!

Zara leaves Daniel looking after Joe while she heads to work. When she arrives she’s inundated with inane queries. Elaine later informs her that she’s so pleased she has taken over the reins as Daniel and Heston aren’t the most thorough. But when Heston bustles in telling Zara that he’s happy to defer to her in all things administrative, she loses her temper.

Kevin later finds a tearful Zara in her office and she has to admit that it’s all a bit overwhelming. He tells her she needs to take back some control and, jumping on this idea, she calls a partners’ meeting. She tells Daniel and Heston that they need to get a replacement for Julia and, in the meantime, get Karen or Mrs Tembe to provide temporary cover. Zara will interview them both tomorrow.

Elaine sees Cherry reading an article about activities to get your endorphins going and comments that sex is the best natural high. Cherry confesses that things between her and Jimmi have got quite cuddly recently, but when Elaine offers her counselling services, Cherry feels awkward.

Later, Elaine comes to apologise and they go through the options together. Elaine suggests running is good for the endorphins and Cherry is sold on the idea. She hands Jimmi an advert for the Letherbridge Half Marathon and tells him that they’re both going to run it together.

Also, Kevin comes to the aid of a returning backpacker with an unusual souvenir of his travels.