Jack later turns up to help and Zara tells him that what happened between them in the van was a one-off and he shouldn’t get any ideas. Jack turns on the charm and agrees, but says it was an amazing one-off and goes to leave. Zara can’t resist and pulls him in for a kiss. They spring apart just as Karen enters and act like nothing happened.

At the university campus, Michelle and Zara make up safe sex packs for the students. Karen talks about how Jack is learning basic survival skills for university, just before Jack calls her because he’s confused by the washing machine!

Julia has taken part in a ‘Come Dine With Me’-style competition with her neighbours and tonight is the final night. Her neighbour, Lydia, is cooking and has been refurbishing her house to make it picture perfect. But things turn sour when Julia discovers that Lydia has used her credit card to buy the furniture. Lydia admits she’s been so desperate to impress that she committed fraud in order to refurbish her house, but promises to pay everything back.

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