Immie, Cherry and Zara all end up together in the Icon for lunch. Zara mocks Cherry’s relationship with Jimmi but Cherry hits back by commenting on Daniel.

Zara patronises Cherry and asks her about her love life and whether she is still a lesbian. Immie shows off by telling them about Gio, which impresses Zara, who asks Immie how far they have gone. Immie admits that they have not done ‘it’ yet. Cherry advises that she waits but Zara tells Immie to get it over with as soon as possible. But whose advice will she take?

Later, Immie takes Gio home and they go upstairs and it is clear they are going to have sex.

Meanwhile, Ruth is coping with juggling reception and covering Julia’s workload. She has a session with Henry who thinks it’s time for her to move on with her treatment plan and for her sessions with him to stop. Ruth does not take this well and she runs out of the session distraught.

Also, Jack is reluctantly left to pick up the pieces when a girl overdoses at a party and he has to deal with the family she wants to escape.

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