Zara’s still dead set on getting Joe into a good school and is looking for advice when she sees Mrs Tembe wrangling with unbearable yummy mummy Kirsty. Recognising her as one of the women she despised from her antenatal classes, Zara offers her an impromptu appointment with the plan of then pumping her for information on schools – she’s exactly the sort who would have planned this to a ‘T’. 

But Kirsty’s hardly sympathetic to Zara’s plight and can’t believe she hasn’t yet sorted Joe’s schooling – he’s nearly two! After criticising Zara’s ill-considered research on local schools, Kirsty suggests why doesn’t Zara try and get Joe into the local church school. It doesn’t matter that Zara isn’t religious, she can just lie! Or isn’t Zara bothered about her son’s education? 

Frustrated that she’s not been able to wrap Kirsty round her little finger, Zara meets Daniel later in a huff – and more determined than ever that she’s going to get Joe into the best school possible!

It’s the day of Hermione’s interview at the boutique clothing shop and she’s anxious she’ll say something inappropriate. Jimmi tries to allay her fears by coaching her through the interview, which unfortunately seems to go from bad to worse when she starts making mistakes. But, later, Hermione tells Jimmi she got the job! She’s so thankful to Jimmi – she couldn’t have done it without his help!

Also, Heston is given an antique clock by a dying patient, which opens up some old wounds between her and her daughter.