After waking up in sweats and hiding her HRT pills, Zara goes out of her way to avoid Daniel, but he realises something is definitely wrong when he sees her at work despite her telling him she would be visiting her dad.

Daniel questions Zara and tries to get her to have lunch with him. After she rejects the offer, he blackmails Cherry into helping him with the situation. During the day, Ruth tells Zara if she insists on keeping her secret from Daniel she should at least stop avoiding him.

Meanwhile, Daniel confronts Zara in the bathroom where she finally confesses she is going through premature menopause and that she probably won’t be able to conceive. Daniel tries to comfort Zara but she ends up getting more upset and goes home alone to cry on her bed.

Elsewhere, Jimmy struggles to hold himself together after discovering Cherry had a kitchen mishap when trying to make dinner. However, after a joint cleaning session, the two end up in a passionate embrace.

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