Zara’s suspicious when a young girl, Sarah, arrives at the Campus surgery, saying she has a drink problem. In reality, Sarah is actually Kezia, whose mother Rosie is an alcoholic, whom Kezia and her brother Tom have chained to a radiator in a desperate bid to stop her drinking. When Zara insists on doing some tests before giving her a prescription, Kezia goes home to rethink.

Kezia returns to The Mill but, when Mrs Tembe suggests she’s a fraud, Kezia brings Zara to see Rosie. Zara sees that Rosie’s seriously ill and calls an ambulance. At the hospital, Kezia’s angry to learn Zara has called social services, believing she and Tom will be split up but Zara says that she and Tom can’t go on as they are. As they leave with a social worker, an emotional Zara phones home to speak to baby Joe.  

Meanwhile, Jimmi’s out running when he finds a man, Douglas, lying on the ground bleeding. Douglas, who surprisingly knows Jimmi by name, refuses his help, spitting on the ground in front of him and leaving Jimmi very confused. Douglas arrives at the police station to report his assault and, to Jimmi’s horror, he accuses him!

When new sergeant Roger interviews Jimmi but refuses to believe his story, Jimmi becomes angry, prompting Roger to arrest him and throw him in a cell. Jimmi soon realises how Douglas knew him and goes to find him to apologise for his part in the death of his son – Jimmi missed that he had meningitis. Douglas accepts that his son really liked Jimmi, then agrees to tell the police the truth and get his life back on track.