Zara and Daniel are reunited

Will Zara and Daniel's lives ever return to normal?

Zara is on cloud nine when Daniel and Joe return from Crete. However, Zara’s smile is soon turned upside down when Daniel suggests that they take part The Mill’s Christmas recording.

Back at The Mill, Sid feels increasingly under pressure with the Christmas single, especially as Heston refuses to co-operate and some of the staff are threatening to drop out! To add to Sid’s woes, Daniel demands he gives Zara a slot in the song. Will it become too much for Sid and cause him to give up?

Also, Ruhma makes a tragic discovery when she examines a pregnant Besa. Ruhma needs to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible for an emergency scan, but Besa refuses to go to the hospital. In a difficult position and wanting to give Besa the treatment she needs, she puts her and another colleague’s job on the line…