Zara delights in Ben’s misfortune

Ben can't win round The Mill staff and Zara is overjoyed

Ben calls Mrs Tembe and tells her The Mill staff aren’t showing any respect to him as manager of The Mill and Mrs Tembe quickly tells him to get it together. Ben arranges some team-bonding exercises with the staff, but the tasks are a complete fail much to the delight of Zara.

Later, at a Partners’ meeting, Zara belittles Ben and his experience in working at a supermarket. Ben manages to shine a positive light on his previous work experience, however, and gains the support of other team members. But has Ben made an enemy of Zara in the process?

Meanwhile, Emma tells Jimmi about Zara and Daniel’s disastrous stay at her house. Jimmi encourages Emma to target a younger market and suggests that she lets Will and Erin stay. Emma senses that Jimmi has an ulterior motive and accuses him of using her to find out if Will is gay or not. Will Emma go along with Jimmi’s plan?