Rob drives Karen to work who is still worried about letting things slip to social worker Fleur yesterday. Rob says she didn’t do anything wrong but if she feels that bad she should tell Zara. Karen says no way and Rob replies how about Daniel instead. Zara is still reeling about Fleur questioning their friends and family about baby Joe, so when Daniel gets a call from Fleur she grabs the phone from him. Zara is alarmed when Fleur says she needs to talk to them again today and she will meet them at their home.

Later, Karen’s confessing to Daniel that she may have said the wrong thing when he gets a call from Oliver, who says Fleur’s asked for information from their counselling sessions. Daniel tells Oliver to give Fleur whatever information she needs, then tells Zara they must tell the truth when they see Fleur. As they wait at home, Daniel and Zara panic when they see a fresh bruise on Joe’s arm. They are still debating it when Fleur turns up and they quickly compose themselves.

As Daniel tells Fleur about shaking Joe last year, Zara confirms it’s all true but insists Daniel would never hurt her or Joe, he was in a bad place back then. Fleur seems convinced by their explanation and seems to be coming round but then spots Joe’s new bruise, and says he needs a medical examination straight away.

Zara insists Joe must have some sort of underlying medical condition – but Fleur warns them Joe may have to go into temporary foster care and that he won’t be coming home until experts are convinced he’s not in any danger!