Zara’s going to a relaxation class with her friend Rachel, who’s six month’s pregnant, miserable and being driven mad by her mother Eleanor’s constant fussing. At The Mill, Julia gives Zara a papoose for the baby and Zara confides that she misses her mum.

Zara heads into the spa for the class as Rachel answers a call. Rachel’s annoyed to find that Eleanor has gate-crashed the class and, afterwards, when Eleanor offers to buy them all lunch, Rachel bluntly reminds her they have other plans. Zara’s shocked by how Rachel talks to her mother.

Back at Rachel’s, Zara says she’s envious that she still has her mother around and Rachel says she’s jealous that Zara has a partner. As they head out for a walk, Rachel’s still complaining about Eleanor, but Zara thinks it’s admirable that Eleanor managed to keep her career as well as be a mum.

Rachel’s angry that Eleanor was so busy being successful she never had time to be a proper mother to her. After admitting she’d considered terminating her own pregnancy, Rachel tells Zara the call at the spa was a job offer in New York, which this baby means she can’t take.

Rachel goes jogging and, when Zara finds her jumping up and down, Rachel reveals she has placenta previa. Zara realises Rachel is trying to induce labour to see if the baby is meant to be. As Rachel and Zara head back to the house, Rachel starts to bleed. What has she done?

In hospital, Eleanor and Zara comfort Rachel as they tell her the baby died. Zara sadly tells her there’s nothing stopping her now from taking her dream job. As Zara leaves, Daniel calls to say he loves her, moving her to tears.