Zara fears for her unborn child

Daniel assembles the cot upstairs as music drowns out the commotion below. As Richard hunts for Daniel, Zara tries to call the police but there’s a struggle and Zara crashes into a wall. Richard flees and Zara clutches her pregnant belly in pain. Daniel finds her and calls an ambulance.

At St Phil’s, Daniel looks on as doctors tend to Zara. Rob arrives to get a description but Daniel wants Zara to sleep. When Daniel realises who was at the house, Rob starts checking both of Richard’s names.

As Rob and DI Driver head off to question Richard’s wife Kerry, Daniel tells Zara the man at their house was someone he met in prison. Zara’s furious that Daniel’s actions have put their child in danger and orders him to leave.

Daniel vows to find Richard, who has returned home, and when wife Kerry tries to escape, he goes for her. Later, Rob sees a car emerge from the garage and follows it. At St Phil’s, Zara’s relieved to hear the baby is fine but Daniel’s not there to share the good news.

Daniel enters Richard’s house through the open garage and, in the kitchen, finds Richard lying on the floor – he’s been stabbed! Richard apologises but Daniel just leaves him. As Rob pulls over a wounded Kerry in the car, Daniel goes back to Richard with a medical bag to help. Rob later finds Richard.

Daniel returns to St Phils and is given the good news about the baby. Later, Kerry gets a call from Richard – when he gets out of prison he’ll be coming for her… At home, Zara and Daniel hold each other tight.