Zara fears she’s losing the baby…

Zara comes into The Mill feeling tired, isolated and alone and gives Mrs Tembe short shrift when she complains about Daniel’s absence. To cap it all, Zara is sent to support Kevin at the Campus since several of the patients still want to see a different doctor.

Zara’s back is starting to ache and not long after she arrives at the campus she starts to feel that something is seriously wrong. Kevin finds her bent double in pain on the stairs. She reveals she is pregnant and bleeding so he insists on taking her to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit.

Zara tells Kevin about her early menopause and the IVF and when she starts to cry he feels a bit daunted, but takes control. As the nurse struggles to find a heartbeat, Daniel calls Zara, who pretends everything’s fine. When Zara wipes away tears of joy, she hugs Kevin and thanks him for being there.

Meanwhile, as Mrs Tembe raves about Heston’s KoKo performance last night, Julia dodges questions about what happened to her, Jimmi and Elaine. Mrs Tembe is horrified to read a less than complementary review of Heston’s performance in the local paper and rings the editor to complain.

And Jimmi meets a foster family adjusting to life with their newest member and his rabbit.