Zara finds an unlikely ally in Ruth

Cherry, Simon and Ruth catch Zara in the staff room taking a cocktail of herbal pills but as Ruth knows that Zara is taking them for her early menopause, she tries to throw Cherry and Simon off the scent. Later, Zara experiences another hot flush and changes into an identical outfit. But a second hot flush catches Zara off guard and soaks the new outfit.

When Zara is slow calling for her next patient, Ruth discreetly goes into Zara’s office with a few items of clothing from lost property. Zara is uncharacteristically grateful despite the clothes not being of her usual standard. At the end of the day, Zara leaves with the others but not before mouthing ‘Thank you’ to Ruth.

Also, Rob and Karen are missing the hustle and bustle of having the kids around and decide that DIY is the best way to deal with the quiet of an empty nest.

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