When Zara’s neighbour Tess asks her to look after her elderly mother, Zara reluctantly accepts, but soon regrets it when Ingrid criticises her home. Meanwhile, Tess meets a man who professes his love and asks Tess to move away with him. Zara tells Ingrid that she needs to let Tess live her own life and Ingrid tells her daughter that she needs to go and be happy.

Mrs Tembe asks everyone to put forward goals to facilitate an improvement in their happiness. Emma grumbles to Niamh that Mrs Tembe should stick to baking, but they are both forced into setting down a goal.

While the team party at the Icon, Howard tells Mrs Tembe that everyone is enjoying the evening and is happy and that was the aim of her happiness project, wasn’t it? Mrs Tembe smiles in realisation. Daniel returns home and suggests that no-one would think badly of Zara if she changed her mind about having time off. She bites back, it’s absolutely the right decision!