Zara gets caught in Daniel’s office

Zara is caught in an uncomfortable position when Julia sees her giggling with Daniel in his office. Daniel leaves and Julia tries to ask Zara what is going on. Zara just announces she will not be apologising further and flounces off, leaving Julia suspicious.

Meanwhile, Dav sees Cherry to be tested for hepatitis. She tries to impress how serious the condition could be without frightening him but Dav jokes about it.

Mrs Tembe starts cooking some traditional serobe on a portable hob in the staff room. Zara is horrified by the smell and demands Mrs Tembe stop cooking. Daniel tries to intervene, but the women refuse to listen. Zara opens all the doors and puts fans around The Mill to remove the smell.

When a woman suffering from morning sickness faints, Zara sets off the fire alarm. All staff and patients are outside as Zara and Mrs Tembe continue to argue.

When Julia arrives, she is furious and gets everyone back inside, insisting the two women apologise which they do begrudgingly. Julia tastes the dish and is surprised by how good it is.

Meanwhile, Rob is asked to investigate complaints of indecency at a local gallery.

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