Ruth notices Zara’s bad mood and is concerned. She suggests lunch but Zara says she’s busy and leaves. Ruth follows Zara to the Icon Bar where she finally reveals her deep hurt and bitterness over the break-up with Daniel.

A drunk Zara starts to flirt with Jack. Ruth realises she isn’t sober enough to work and so calls Julia to arrange cover. Ruth tries to get Zara to get in a taxi, but she refuses, forcing Ruth to leave her there.

Jack is out running with Tony but he’s clearly struggling to keep up. As they reach some pull-up bars Jack is dismayed to discover he can barely manage one, let alone the ten that Tony demands. Nevertheless, they agree to meet again the next day, and Jack hobbles off to work.

At the Station, Rob is stuck on the front desk bored. DC Dave Lynham has recently joined CID and loves it, and mentions another Detective is off sick and they need some cover – if Rob is interested he’ll have a word with the DCI.

At the end of the day, he hesitantly mentions it to Karen and is surprised by her positive response, which leaves him excited by the prospect of change.

There are surprising results when Karen finds herself in the middle of a bizarre office competition.

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