Zara gets frisky in Karen’s fantasy

Rob arrives at a call out from neighbourhood watch snoop Nigel, who is quizzing his neighbours, including Johan, after an attack on his home. Rob recognises Nigel as his old police sergeant and looks at Nigel’s notes detailing strange occurrences in recent weeks. Rob admits there is a pattern and they watch a DVD of the CCTV camera Nigel hooked up.

Meanwhile, Karen’s creative writing tutor Daryl is shocked by Karen’s Mills and Boon-esque story and asks her to come up with a story that feels real by the end of the day, suggesting the Health Centre may inspire her. At reception, she sees Johan approaching Zara and smells a story…

Karen follows them, imagining Zara seducing Johan. Later, Karen plays a voicemail: it’s Johan asking Zara to come to his house. Noticing that Zara has written Johan’s name and the word ‘dangerous’ on a pad, Karen rushes to Johan’s house, but when no one answers she considers an open window.

At Nigel’s, Rob is called to a break-in – at Johan’s! Karen is inside Johan’s, imagining Zara is being held hostage in the cellar by him, when Rob finds her. Karen says she was worried for Zara, who’s treating Johan’s wife. Nigel thinks Karen’s the burglar, but Johan has something to tell them…

Later, Karen tells her story to Daryl and fellow students. She reveals that Johan’s wife suffers from parasomnia, a sleep disorder which has caused her to sleepwalk and break into the neighbours’ houses.

Daryl congratulates Karen, who reveals this is her last story. She likes her fiction to be stranger than fact.