Cherry tries to call Zara to apologise for their row on her hen night, but Zara’s screening her calls. Cherry’s also having problems with her dressmaker, Kate, and insists she comes to The Mill at lunchtime – the wedding is tomorrow.

As Jimmi, Daniel and Franklyn collect their suits, at the Icon Julia, Karen, Elaine and Freya discuss what to get Cherry and Jimmi for their wedding gift. As conversation turns to Heston and Marina, Julia and Elaine decide to tweak the seating plan at the wedding to push them back together.

Back at the Mill, Kate arrives and Cherry tries on her dress. At that moment, Cherry hears a scream and rushes to Zara’s office in her wedding dress to find Zara doubled over in pain. Zara claims she’s just experiencing Braxton hicks when her waters break all over Cherry’s dress.

Cherry calmly calls for an ambulance. Zara tells Cherry to get Daniel, but Daniel’s phone has been left at a tailors and no one else is picking up.
Cherry tries to examine Zara, who screams that she wants a doctor, but she won’t let Kevin help either. Zara eventually lets Cherry help.

Kevin gets a message to Daniel, who rushes to be with Zara. Cherry asks her to push and eventually the baby is delivered. As Cherry rushes off with the premature tot, Daniel turns up and finds Cherry doing CPR. Suddenly the baby lets out a cry and relieved Cherry hands the bundle over to Daniel.

As the ambulance arrives, Zara grabs Cherry’s hand and thanks her through tears, telling her she’s beautiful. As the ambulance pulls away, Cherry reveals her fears for the baby – the next 24 hours will be crucial.