Zara has a sudden change of heart

Zara’s attempt at cheering Daniel up after the crushing news about Lisa and Izzie doesn’t go down too well. She casually suggests he could move in with her in the short term but when he barely responds she furiously changes her mind.

Simon arrives at The Mill and Cherry reminds him about Heston’s drinks evening at the Icon. Following on from the Partners Meeting, Heston and Julia offer Simon a permanent job and are deflated when he says he’ll think about it.

Simon then gets a call and dashes to the Hospital where he finds Jaza in labour. She gives birth to a baby girl and Simon is touched when she asks him to cut the cord.

At the party, Mrs Tembe informs everyone that Simon is dealing with an emergency and will be late. Back at the hospital, Jaza tells Simon she’d like to call her baby Simone, after him. He is choked with emotion. At The Icon, Mrs Tembe reveals her Black Forrest Gateaux and they toast Simon.

Heston hopes that his day will help him make the right decision about the job and we see Simon talking to Jaza about finding the right path in life.

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