Daniel arrives for work, but without Zara. Heston asks Daniel how the bike training went at the weekend, but Daniel brushes him off and doesn’t give a straightforward answer. Finally, Zara arrives at work and she’s wearing a neck brace!

The staff at The Mill are keen to know what happened but Zara refuses to talk about her injuries. What exactly is she hiding? And are her injuries the result of falling off her bike – or did she have another accident?

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is becoming increasingly concerned by Ayesha’s behaviour and her obsession with making Emma pay for Bren’s death. Also concerned by Ayesha’s behviour, Al asks Jimmi to have a talk with her. Jimmi tries to have a chat with Ayesha but she’s not interested in anything he has to say. Later, Ayesha has the chance to make life very difficult for Emma – but will she take it?