Zara has bad news for Patrick

Zara refuses to sign Patrick’s fit leave for any longer and is annoyed when Patrick leaves and Sid remarks that she was a bit harsh. Later, Sid goes to a martial arts class and is paired with Patrick. The instructor, Celia, ends up dislocating Patrick’s shoulder and Sid pops the shoulder back in. Sid has to return to work dressed in his gym clothes and Zara’s furious until Celia and Patrick arrive in time to confirm Sid’s story.  

Zara finally tells Daniel what happened when she stayed the night at Michael’s, but Daniel demands that she take some responsibility. Later, Zara confides in Emma that she wishes she had slept with Michael because then at least Daniel would have left and she’d know where she stands.

Mrs Tembe is in severe pain and keels over before she has time to leave a toilet cubicle. She shouts for help but the person who eventually hears her cries is Al. He relishes the opportunity to help her out of the sticky situation, much to her annoyance.