Zara has sound advice for Sid

Sid persistently interrupts an infuriated Zara and she tells him that he’s there to observe and explains how to speed up consultations. They move on to paediatrics and Zara talks about a teddy bear from the lost box, talking through her own issues.

Sid talks about Global Development Delay and Zara jumps on him, and says maybe he isn’t cut out for general practice. Sid agrees that he has learnt that it isn’t quite what he thought. Later, Karen grumbles to Sid about the nightmare of house buying and makes her worry about schools nearby.

Mrs Tembe volunteers at a therapy group for torture victims and meets Moses and Justin. Justin’s mother was tortured by the LRA in South Uganda and discovers that Moses was a member of the LRA, not a victim. A tense scuffle ensues before it transpires that Moses was forced into the LRA and been made to kill his own brother.