When Helen brings some of her deceased husband’s medical books into The Mill, Mrs Tembe finds an old love letter inside. Helen is shocked, explaining it was sent by an old boyfriend, Herschel, asking her to elope, but it’s clear her husband kept it a secret. Zara helps Helen track down Herschel and the pair embrace – finally together after 40 years apart.

Emma confides in Niamh that she thinks Zara blocked her appointment and she’s taking legal advice. Meanwhile, Al tells Niamh he’s thinking of brewing some beer for the Yuletide party. Niamh volunteers to help him but she’s exasperated when Al ropes Jimmi in too.

Sierra guzzles down a bottle of paracetamol and falls unconscious. When Bren wakes, having downed a bottle of wine, she finds Sierra. She arrives at The Mill with Sierra in her arms and Daniel checks for a pulse whilst Mrs Tembe phones Ayesha. Daniel is grave – Sierra’s not breathing.