Zara helps a woman with depression

Aileen comes to see Zara at The Mill, she’s starting a new job but is feeling anxious. Later, Aileen tries to talk to a customer and when she’s ignored, she flips and runs away. Aileen goes dangerously close to the edge of a car park roof when Zara spots her and intervenes. Zara tells Aileen that she thinks that she may be suffering from depression and needs help.

Mrs Tembe and Heston visit a pottery store to drum up publicity. But when they arrive, they are dismayed to see Valerie is there too. During a photo shoot, Valerie becomes over confident and sends a tower of pottery crashing to the floor. Mrs Tembe can barely contain her delight – Heston wins the day! But as Valerie points out, the fight isn’t over yet.

Niamh comes into the office and fumes when she catches Al listening in on Franc’s conversation. Later, Al overhears Franc flirting with a mystery woman – and fears it’s Niamh. He follows Franc and a woman springs out and kisses him. Al drives away, devastated, convinced the mystery woman is Niamh, but it isn’t. It’s Emma.