Blake pretends to be the father when his young son, Corey, gets an 18-year-old girl, Leah, pregnant. When Zara works out exactly how young Corey is, she tells him that Blake is pretending to be the father to protect him. Corey goes to the hospital to make it up with Blake and Leah, but Leah tells him she doesn’t want to see him, and is going to stay with her dad.

Franc wants to deliver on his promise to Gary to bring The Mill down within two days. Meanwhile, Al plays Howard the recording of that conversation, but Howard says it isn’t enough to put either of them away. Al smokes by the back door, which Franc witnesses and after everyone has left, he starts a fire at The Mill.

Angry Ayesha complains to Niamh about Tracey’s full-time suggestion. Niamh recommends that she doesn’t burn any bridges, but Ayesha tells her she should be supporting her. Ayesha then tells Jimmi she is coping but he wonders whether she really believes that.