Zara helps Karen with her decision

At work, Zara notices Karen needs to talk and invites her to her consulting room. Karen reveals she’s decided to terminate her pregnancy. Zara is understanding and offers to arrange counselling as well as the termination itself.

Karen fights her emotion and leaves. Later, Zara breaks down in the staff room, Cherry sees and tries to comfort her but Zara firmly tells her ‘no’.

Worried for Zara, Cherry asks Daniel to talk to her as he knows her the best. Reluctantl, he does so and after he hugs her Zara accidentally lets slip about Karen’s termination.

Daniel is shocked but swears to secrecy. He later makes an effort with Karen, making her smile, much to Zara’s relief. That night, Karen goes home to a worried Jack and Immie. She assures them there is no need to worry anymore as she’s having a termination.

Meanwhile, security guard Barry is an unlikely hero when Julia has the shopping experience from hell.

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