Zara visits a caravan park to see Brenda MacGyver (played by Sue Jenkins), who has terminal cancer, and learns that Brenda has decided to end her treatment. Brenda wants to spend the short time she has left with husband Ray (Tom Watt) and her six children – but doesn’t want Ray knowing about her decision – he’s not coping as it is.

The couple’s daughter Carly knows about her mother’s decision and wants Zara to change her mother’s mind. But when Ray gets wind of what’s going on, he storms out of the caravan and it’s left to Zara to talk to him. Zara explains to Ray that Brenda and the family need him now more than ever. Ray returns to the caravan where the family reconcile.

Meanwhile, Rob hates being confined to his bed and everything Karen does seems to annoy him further. Rob loses his temper when Karen says she’d rather be at work and eventually admits that he’s felt bored since he returned from London. He then tells her he’s considered going for a job in the firearms department – and Karen is horrified.

When Cerys drops by the surgery to ask Jimmi if he’d like to go out with her that night, he lies that he’s having a pint with Daniel. Jimmi tells Daniel he feels it’s too soon after Eva and, overhearing this, Julia tells Jimmi that he shouldn’t feel he’s betraying Eva’s memory by going on a date. With that, Jimmi heads to the radio station to accept Cerys’s invite.

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