Zara hits a wall with Joe

Zara takes Joe for a GP appointment as she is still concerned about his slow development skills. As she goes through the painstaking process of presenting her findings, Doctor Scaife suggests this may be a simple case of over-zealous mothering. Zara is furious and storms out of their session.

Al is looking forward to a visit from his ‘unofficial’ godson, Xander. As he desperately tries to engage with the boy, Xander explains he blames Al for introducing his mum Jane to an American man and she has left them for him. A shocked Al decides to put things right.

Mrs Tembe is annoyed when patient Bert turns up early for his wife’s appointment and distracts everyone by reminiscing about his memories of The Mill over the last ten years. Later, Mrs Tembe feels guilty when Karen announces Bert has told her it is exactly a decade today since The Mill opened and Bert’s wife Mary was their first patient.