Heston talks to Zara – it’s important that doctors are accountable for any suggestions of impropriety such as sexism or racism. Zara hones in on the word ‘racism’ – did Heston just call her a racist?  She’s furious! Zara storms into Howard’s office – Heston has accused her of being a racist. He calls them both in and surprisingly, Heston apologises, but he still thinks she’s been very harsh on Sid.  Zara admits that she has been a bit of a bully and regrets her actions.

Sid and Ayesha are at a university open day when medical student, Darby, overreacts about her girlfriend’s suspicious mole. She explains to the pair that her mum died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and she refused to have any treatment. Ayesha reassures Darby that sometimes you just have to let people go their own way. Derby decides she’s going to try and get a job at the hospital.

Also, Ayesha suggests to Sid that they celebrate their success with a night out. Sid apologises – sorry, he’s got plans, in fact he’s late already. Sid hurries off, leaving Ayesha disappointed…