Zara is frustrated that Mrs Tembe refuses to tell anyone who will be covering her job while she goes on holiday to Botswana. Is Zara in for a nasty surprise?

Meanwhile, some new buttons have appeared underneath the desks of Valerie and Karen. The pair are intrigued but that feeling quickly turns to annoyance when Mrs Tembe announces that they will have to forfeit their lunch for a training workshop. The ladies are livid and protest that they do not need training in how to run the reception.

The ladies have no choice but then workshop leader Scotty listens to their concerns and gives Valerie and Karen some empowering advice that could change the working dynamics at The Mill…

Also, Ayesha asks Jimmi about his weekend and Jimmi explains that his nephew Will is staying with him. Jimmi also explains that he’s not so happy about Will’s messy nature. Later, Will arrives at The Mill – but will he make a great impression on the rest of the team?