Zara is threatened

In a flashforward, Daniel walks out of a house, wired and angry with blood on his hands and shirt. He gets into his car, revs the engine and looks in the rear view mirror with malice in his eyes…

Zara’s ill, so she stays home while Daniel heads to The Mill. He sits in on a pitch for the practice computer contract, and is surprised to see its being given by Richard, a fellow inmate from his time in prison. Daniel later calls Richard by his real name, Matt, and says he won’t be getting the contract.

Richard later claims he’s been going straight for the last six months, and Daniel decides not to tell to Julia. Meanwhile, Zara wonders if she can she make something of her home and then calls for something to be delivered.

Back at The Mill, Daniel lets slip that he knew Richard and Julia isn’t willing to take a risk on someone convicted for fraud, and when Richard gets a call from Julia, his face falls. He wants to speak to Daniel but Julia hangs up and Richard loses it, throwing his phone against the wall.

Richard confronts Julia, wanting to speak to Daniel but Karen tells him to go. Daniel arrives home to find the bed from the spare room dumped in the garden and Zara in the spare room trying to assemble a cot. But she’s having trouble putting it together so leaves Daniel to work it out.

Later, Richard manages to sneak into The Mill and finds Daniel’s address in Julia’s office. As Richard’s wife uncovers his real identity, Richard shows up at Daniel’s and Zara answers. She lies and says he’s out but Richard forces his way into the house and slams the door shut…