Zara longs to hold her newborn son

At St Phil’s, Zara stares at her tiny son and longs to touch him. Daniel tries to comfort her by suggesting she make a list of things they need and he’ll get it. Later, Zara dictates her list to Daniel down the phone – but when Daniel returns, Zara says the purchases are all wrong and Daniel leaves to try again.

When Daniel returns, Zara admits she feels like she has no control – she asked to hold Joe, but she’s still waiting to hear. Later, Daniel reveals that Joe is allowed out for a few minutes and Zara holds her baby for the first time.

Heston tells Marina he’ll cancel his dinner reservation for one at La Champignon now they are back together, but Marina won’t hear of it – they can go together. Heston’s touched that she’s now willing to try ‘fussy food.’

But Marina’s son Ian says Heston is a mug for getting back with her. Heston later finds Marina crying and she tells him she can’t lose him again and he comforts her. Ian arrives to see Heston, but Marina manages to block him and snaps at him angrily. Ian says she’ll never change and leaves.

Also, Karen is alarmed to learn that Jack may be a target of a girl who is spreading Hepatitis B on purpose.