Zara needs Daniel’s support

Emma listens sympathetically to Zara’s concerns and urges her to talk to Daniel about them. Later, Zara makes a video call to Perth but a distracted Daniel suggests this can all wait until he returns home next month. But Zara isn’t prepared to wait – for Joe’s sake they need to do something now!

Al is annoyed when Karen emails him a ‘to-do’ list. So when Dr Hannah Unger leaves a sinister looking statue behind after her appointment, he tells Karen the statue possesses mystical powers. Hannah’s ex turns up and explains it’s a Sumatran fertility statue, leading Hannah to reveal she is pregnant with his baby.

Heather discovers her recent collapse was down to thrombosis and Jimmi wonders how on earth he missed it. Once Niamh has left, Jimmi and Heather open up about their feelings and agree everything will be just fine as long as they are together.