After his embarrassing encounter with the university Vice Chancellor, Daniel wants to get rid of the campus practice. Mrs Tembe amd Jimmi tell him that he’s only saying that because his ego is still bruised. Zara sides with Daniel and say they should get rid of the campus practice but Mrs Tembe disagrees. When Mrs Tembe voices her opinion, Zara makes a shocking statement. What has Zara said?

Later, Jimmi is still on the fence regarding the future of the campus practice, so he suggests that he makes an appointment to talk to the Vice Chancellor. Can Jimmi get her to help with the insurance claim?

Also, Karen gets a call from social services to say a 17-year-old boy is in need of a short term foster home. When Karen hears that he has been in seven different foster placements, she is unsure that he should stay with her and Rob. What will Rob say?