With her breastfeeding presentation on Friday, Zara’s been sniffing around Mandy for help with preparations and Karen thinks Zara must be desperate if she’s asking Mandy. Zara and Mandy scribble some ideas on a flipchart but Mandy’s surprised when Zara abruptly ends their session saying she has everything she needs for a bunch of pram-faced teenagers. Mandy wonders why Zara wanted her help and Zara explains that Mandy comes from the same background as these girls and can help her to relate to them. Mandy takes this to mean she is a commoner and Zara doesn’t deny it. Ouch!

Meanwhile, Karen and Rob attend therapy together. When Anna suggests they help Karen fill in some of the gaps in her memory about their children Jack and Imogen, a confident Rob gets started but Karen’s negative response causes him frustration – she seems reluctant to talk about Jack. When Rob demands to know why Karen refuses to even phone him, Karen blurts out that she can’t because she kissed Jack when he came to see her in hospital. Karen insists it was all a big mistake but Rob storms off saying the mistake was coming here today!

Also, Niamh tries to help a student with an unusual secret.